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Apr 13

1M extra-loud volume

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 in Any Guitar, Les-Pauls and SGs, Stratocasters, Woz Mods and Upgrades

1M Extra-loud Volume Mod by WozUnder the knob is a little variable-resistor known as a Potentiometer or Pot. When the knob is all the way down your signal is shorted to ground. When it’s all the way up, the value of the pot is still between the signal and ground, taming it a bit. Basically, if you increase the value of this guy, you let more sound out. You will get a louder, hotter tone at maximum volume. While it will still say “10,” your guitar will go to “11.”
You can do this to any guitar.

Check out the diagrams below for more info, including the comprehensive PDF on our most popular Strat Mods.

DVG Woz Strat Mods PDF


Vol and Tone Mods A-la-carte

1M extra-loud volume
50% center-detent volume $50.00 $20.00
ultimate-range tone knob $50.00 $10.00

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