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May 13
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Hi, it’s Woz

Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 in News

Welcome to the old website of Downtown Vintage Guitars, which isn’t open anymore, but the Repair Department dude who made the custom Hot Rod Strats is still around.

Joseph Anthony Wozniak, who spread simple clever guitar wiring modifications around Las Vegas prolifically throughout 2011, preserved a copy of this website for two reasons. First of all:

There are some amazing guitar modifications up here. Loads of research and professional-performer road testing went into developing them. Woz is still available to do these unique and versatile guitar upgrades, and continues to service musical electronics of all kinds. In fact, schematics and guides to do all of these guitar electronics tricks are coming soon! Some of these are combinations of ideas never put into one simple wiring scheme before.

The other reason this site retains the look and much of the content of a site from four years ago is this:

2011 was a fun year. So many interesting people floated through this one-of-a-kind Vintage Guitar Store, Venue, and Bar in the center of the freshly emerging Arts District of Las Vegas.

For other exciting business Woz has been up to since DVG closed it’s doors, please check out:

Here’s where the music and video production action has gone since there:

That said, some details on this site are historic and not current, We’re in the process of updating it and reconciling which things to keep and what to toss.

Any problem with any piece of musical gear can still be solved by contacting Woz at Call or preferably text 702-883-4959

Jan 12
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Welcome Back!

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 in News

Everything is now available here at

  • Mark Castillo has a new location gestating in the Arts District of Las Vegas NV. Stay tuned here and on Facebook for updates on his upcoming endeavors, including more handcrafted custom Acoustic Guitars!

  • Woz is still available for your Guitar and other electronic musical instruments you need surgery performed on. Modification and upgrades are our specialty.

Woz Art+Electronics

  • 702-883-4959

  • 702-762-1946

  • wozlaser(at)


May 4
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Robyn Barrington’s Art & Music Show

Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 in News

“the Creation and Maintenance of a Slave”

Featuring music by:
Thursday: D’vir, The Marquees, Rooftop Ridicule, My First Rodeo
Friday: Holes and Hearts, Achillion, the Roxy Gunn Project

6pm at Downtown Vintage Guitars Cinco De Mayo – May

An art and design mash-up of her 1st decade in the art world. Expect a mix of 2D and 3D:   kind, cruel, clean and messy. Never shown in Las Vegas.


May 4
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Lonn Friend, Rock Journalist

“It was a Canadian Facebook friend named Billy Haner on vacation in Sin City who turned me onto Downtown Vintage Guitars.  Random?  I prefer to call it six-string serendipity.  Having recently released my new, self-published book, Sweet Demotion, I’ve been reaching out to some old and dear rock star friends to lay their John Hancocks on a few axes that came into my possession so I can finance a book-signing tour.  I’m proud to display these very special pieces in the town where I wrote my memoir, Life on Planet Rock, and have much family and a ton of good friends.  If one of my guitars tweaks your collector’s fancy, please contact owner Mark Castillo and we’ll see if we can make a deal. Many thanks!” – Lonn Friend


Mar 9
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A season of renovation

Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 in News

We here at Downtown Vintage Guitars are proud to announce our humble shop will be doubling in size! We have acquired the property next door and we are expanding everything we do.

We’ll be open through all the new work so be sure and patronize the hell out of our Bar on Fridays and Saturdays at 7 to live bands, and while checking out the Acoustic Slam Dance open mic hosted by K Caruso Sunday night at 7, and of course his Open Blues Jam Monday nights at the same time.