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Apr 13

“Identity Crisis” Mod by Woz

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 in Stratocasters, Woz Mods and Upgrades
Identity Crisis Strat mod by Woz

Identity Crisis Strat

The Identity Crisis Mod by Woz.
Basically, you get a Gibson-style toggle on your Strat that switches between three modes. When it’s all the way down the pickup selector works just like normal.

In the middle, the pickup selector is in Gibson Mode, and you can switch between the fat high-output caramel of your middle&bridge or neck&middle pickups together in series, like the two coils in a Gibson-style humbucker.
In the third mode you get a whole palate of out-of-phase sounds, from Jimmy Page quacks to surf spank, lofi reggae thin rhythm and cutting distortion leads with added harmonics. Two of the modes are a hybrid out-of-phase with punchier attack and enhanced harmonics, but none of the volume drop usually associated with out-of-phase pickups.
The switches are simple to deal with live. This Mod is not just about versatility, it’s about live performance. You can differentiate rhythm and lead tones almost subconsciously during a song. Tones are where they need to be, the most useful are the easiest to get to, so you can’t accidentally disappear or stomp on everyone.

Check out the diagrams below for more info, including the comprehensive PDF on our most popular Strat Mods.

Comprehensive PDF file: DVG Woz Strat Mods


Identity Crisis Mod Switch included
…with 1M extra-loud volume $200.00 $10.00
…with 50% center-detent volume $200.00 $20.00
…with ultimate-range tone knob $200.00 $10.00


Bring on the comments

  1. Arman says:

    Great work on the strat.

    Just a quick question…do the 3-way toggle switches fit the holes of the strat volume knob? No modifications needed?



    • admin says:

      The hole for the 3-way must be made bigger, but not so much bigger that the original pot can’t be put back in the new hole without a problem.