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May 4

Lonn Friend, Rock Journalist

“It was a Canadian Facebook friend named Billy Haner on vacation in Sin City who turned me onto Downtown Vintage Guitars.  Random?  I prefer to call it six-string serendipity.  Having recently released my new, self-published book, Sweet Demotion, I’ve been reaching out to some old and dear rock star friends to lay their John Hancocks on a few axes that came into my possession so I can finance a book-signing tour.  I’m proud to display these very special pieces in the town where I wrote my memoir, Life on Planet Rock, and have much family and a ton of good friends.  If one of my guitars tweaks your collector’s fancy, please contact owner Mark Castillo and we’ll see if we can make a deal. Many thanks!” – Lonn Friend

Best known as Editor-in-Chief for the legendary metal music publication RIP Magazine, Lonn Friend was instrumental in the success of many pivotal bands. He’s appeared on MTV and VH1, extensively contributing to Headbanger’s Ball, Behind the Music, and other programs. He documented the Grunge movement, the rise of Metallica, helped launch Guns N’ Roses’ career, and generally made friends with an incredible amount of highly influential icons of rock music.

You can read all about his adventures is his book, “Life On Planet Rock” and his new self-published book Sweet Demotion available on Amazon. Due to his illustrious career in rock journalism he has been able to procure some of the most unique guitars these rock stars have ever signed. Some were frequently played by the artists that signed them. We’ve all seen guitars signed by famous people, but usually just cheap no-names. Lonn’s guitars are all high-end to begin with. We have his exclusive gallery at Downtown Vintage Guitars, check them out here and call or email with inquiries.

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