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May 8

Tom Morello Signed Strat

Posted on Sunday, May 8, 2011 in Electric, Lonn Friend's Celebrity Signed, Solid Body

Tom Morello signed this strat for Lonn Friend author of Sweet Demotion and Life On Planet Rock

“Let Freedom Ring” wrote Harvard Political Science Graduate and axe-slinging activist Tom Morello. Just below this phrase is his signature on this vintage quilted-maple top Fender Stratocaster. This guitar is such a perfect example of the quality of Japanese Fenders, in this author’s opinion it is an all-around better guitar than most made in the USA. This particular guitar also has some serious battle damage in the form of two gashes in the front. Cracks spider out from the craters through the thick finish like lightning in a pond. It looks and sounds brutal.

With included signed letter of authenticity, this guitar is more than an amazing artistic tool. It is a fitting canvas for any statement from one the most innovative guitarists of all time, Tom Morello. Truly unique noises, never before heard from a guitar, dominate every highly-influential track from such iconic bands as Rage Against the Machine and modern-day supergroup Audioslave, featuring former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.

Many of Tom Morello’s unique tricks involved making noises that every guitarist has made at some point, but almost never heard purposefully in a song. He’ll rub an alan wrench on the strings to the beat. In one solo he unplugs the cable and touches it to the bridge of his guitar, then uses a Whammy pedal to change the pitch of the loud hum that causes. “Bulls On Parade” by Rage Against The Machine would not have it’s signature wah tone without a special broken Crybaby of Morello’s. In every song he records he has to do something new, and with only around five pedals, constantly discovering new ways to use them.

He exemplifies the saying “limitations breed creativity.” Without any fancy tricks, his straight-up guitar licks guaranteed a crowd would move around. Many of his most well-known head-banging riffs were written sitting around the house with a nylon-string classical guitar. You can have this inspiringly-rad guitar, autographed by a highly-acclaimed and still underrated modern guitar God, thanks to Rock Journalist Lonn Friend.

Lonn Friend has met a lot of cool people as Editor-in-Chief for RIP Magazine, check out Lonn’s books, “Life On Planet Rock” and Sweet Demotion available on Amazon.

See the full Wikipedia article on Tom Morello.

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